About us


The LuckyProduction media company was founded in 2012 by Igor and Tatiana Kachmar.


Over the years our company has come a long way. From a small unknown company, it has turned into a successful constantly growing team of passionate professionals.


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In the first year of work, Lucky Production mainly worked on children TV-content production. In 12 months we have created three different programs: “Drawing lessons”, “Dream on!”, “Delicious!” which were broadcasted on the children’s TV channel “Smile of a Child”.


As we have gone through all stages of TV content production, we know firsthand how important is high-quality dubbing and adaptation of films, TV series, and programs. We believe that it defines 60% of success with the audience. And the audio adaptation accordingly affects the ratings and successes of film distributors our customers!


We have decided to be those experts who help our clients to become the leaders in their field and get the maximum profit from their projects.


So, since 2013, we have dramatically changed the course to the foreign content localization and we stay this course so far.


Translation from any language into Russian, lip-synch, literary editing, dubbing, voice-over, subtitling and graphics processing – this is a non-exhaustive range of our services.


We are entrusted with the projects of such major TV channels and distributors as BBC, IVI.Ru, SredaProduction, EcchoRights, Amedia, KinoPoisk, and many others.


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Our great advantages are correct work organization and individual manager support.





  • we always adhere to established deadlines or try to deliver the work earlier.
  • we offer competitive prices. If necessary, we are ready to provide an individual commercial offer.
  • we select the voice actors for each project very carefully and we offer the customer demos to choose from.
  • we keep the customers informed about the current so that they can see what stage the project is on at any given moment.
  • we enable to divide the payment into 2 parts. Regular customers have an option of 100% post-payment.
  • provide a wide range of content localization services.


Our company will ensure you a 100% result!


Contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions.